The foam specialist

Visit our renewed webshop: provides a wide range of foam products. The carefully selected materials characterize themselves by high comfort, durability and lightweight. additionally, our products are finished with a high quality coating based on the intended purpose.

In this way we can, for example, manufacture waterproof outdoor furniture, changing cushions with a flexible coating, and medical products that are being used in X-rays. All products are being manufactured by us in our indoor production space. Because of this we can adhere to all requirements set by our clients. is een onderdeel van IFG foam applications.


Specialist in foam

Foam is a very versatile material. Its unsurpassed properties make it ideal for professional applications. When properly processed and coated, foam is practically unrivalled when it comes to flexibility, price, weight and durability. It offers ideal and often surprising solutions.

A specialist is needed to utilize the properties of foam to its fullest. Processing and coating requires expertise and experience. Since 1993, IFG has been active in researching, development, designing and manufacturing of foam. We always work closely with our clients. We are able to provide a suitable solution to any demand, which always fully meets the client’s requirements in terms of quality and cost.

IFG has an extensive range of machinery at its disposal for the processing of foam. This ranges from a state-of-the-art, 5-axis CNC milling machine to hand-held tools. This makes it possible for us to process foam in any conceivable way, including 3D processing, horizontal and vertical cutting, contour cutting, mould cutting, punching, milling and thermoforming.

IFG is an ISO-certified foam-processing company.