Customisation is of paramount importance to IFG. Each final product must meet the wishes, requirements and specifications of the client in every way. Working closely with our clients, IFG devises and develops optimal solutions. Teamwork ensures that the final results are impressive, and this is why a growing number of clients continue to consult IFG.

Our customisation procedures involve extensive cooperation with the client. IFG’s engineers are keen to stand alongside the client’s own specialists so that they can work together towards developing the optimal solution. Working in this manner, every person involved is able to contribute their own specialist knowledge while working as part of a team with very short, fast lines of communication.

Working with designers, for example, IFG uses this method to realise designer furniture. Special packaging for professional applications is also developed in this way. The optimal processability of foam and the durability provided by the specialist coating mean that unique customised products can be manufactured. And that those products possess the best possible qualities.